Other Forrest Teachers
Other Forrest Teachers

Lola Rephann has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Lola’s teaching is informed by mindfulness, listening to the body, and moving from a place of spirit. Lola studies primarily with Paula Tursi of Reflections Yoga in New York City, Ana Forrest, and Erica Mather, a Forrest Yoga guardian in New York City. Lola is an e-RYT at the 200-hour level. She has amassed well over 1,000 hours of teaching experience privately, in group classes, and in corporate settings throughout New York City and Hudson County, NJ.

Lola studies Forrest Yoga, Yin Yoga, hatha/vinyasa yoga, thai yoga massage, and shamanic reiki. Lola seeks to bring each practitioner to a place of stillness and awareness, where healing happens naturally.

Lola’s classes are a call to meet your edge, to challenge the body-mind intelligently. A typical class would begin with pranayama and/or meditation, move into deep core integration work to heat the body and the muscles of the core, followed by a strong, yet well-paced, standing pose sequence. Lola weaves a psychological, physical, or spiritual thread of inquiry into each class, and often asks students to observe all three layers of experience during their practice.  As a teacher, Lola hopes to guide her students to a deeper relationship with themselves, where inquiry leads to awareness, and awareness leads to transformation.

One of Lola’s gifts that she uses extensively in her teaching is that people feel comfortable in her presence, allowing them to reveal themselves, to be seen, to drop shields, and to heal. Lola is honored to be able to work with people in such an intimate and personal way.


I was introduced to yoga in 2003, when I was working on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. I was extremely stressed and exhausted from this fast-paced, chaotic environment, and was looking for a form of release. I found that and so much more. As a result of yoga, I was able to stay calm and focused in a world of ringing phones, shouting trades and tossing paper orders. Yoga let me become more productive so I could increase my wealth both financially and spiritually. In short, it was a win win for both my personal and professional life.

I left my career at the exchange to pursue my passion for teaching yoga. My vision is simple: Give people the tools to have a healthy and joyous life by the simple act of rolling out a yoga mat. Yoga conveys knowledge of self, a time to let go of all the outside noise and go within to fill up, enabling you to enjoy life off the mat no matter what circumstances you are handed.

I was spiritually bankrupt and even after getting sober, each day was not much different than the last. Yoga changed that. It’s where I found solace from the chaos of my life and light from the darkness. I felt an instant shift and unfamiliar calm at the end of my first class. I was no longer drinking, and the urge to numb myself became less and less. After a consistent practice of breath techniques, poses and meditation, Eventually I stopped taking all my medications for depression, ADHD, & anxiety.

Yoga has led me to a peaceful mind, strong body and life filled with energy and happiness. At the age of forty-two, I feel healthier, sexier and stronger than when I was twenty years old.

My classes are taught from an intuitive place and I navigate my students through the body by learning to breathe with awareness. I teach from a place of spirit so you can find yours. Everything we need is within.


Shayna has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. She began studying yoga in India in 1999 and her commitment to yoga has persisted through careers and across continents. Yoga became her saving grace in graduate school and after completing a PhD in English Literature, she decided to pursue her true passion: Forrest Yoga. She completed her training with creatrix, Ana Forrest, in New Haven in May 2014 and currently teaches in New York.

Shayna’s yoga roots are in the Iyengar tradition. While working in Mumbai as a Jewish service corps educator, she began practicing Iyengar yoga at the Light on Yoga Research Trust studio. After several months, she founded a yoga club for women at the Mumbai Jewish Community Center and began to teach weekly classes.

Her practice continued to grow as she moved to New York, Boston, and London and attended classes and workshops with leading yoga instructors. In 2007, Shayna attended her first Forrest Yoga class in New York with Erica Mather, a Forrest Yoga Guardian. She immediately recognized the healing power of Forrest Yoga and has been a devotee ever since.

Through international moves, career shifts, graduate school, pregnancy, childbirth, and countless crises, yoga remained a constant in Shayna’s life. In addition to Forrest Yoga, she teaches Vinyasa, Prenatal and Postnatal, Mommy and Me, and Children's yoga. Shayna's areas of focus include yoga and mental health; yoga and reproduction; yoga for teens and children; and yoga in academia. She believes that yoga can change lives. For real.